Termite Inspection for Added Security

The Pearce Group is a certified provider of Termite Inspections and whether you plan to take on the problem yourself or hire professional help, a termite inspection is a must. Getting an inspection will give you a much better idea of the extent of the problem you are facing, where the termites are located and the possible means you will have at your disposal for tackling the problem. If you would like to view sample reports, Click Here.

Indeed, once you have an inspection you find that you do not have a termite infestation. It is quite possible to find a dead termite in your home and not have a problem. At certain times of the year termites will fly from their current colony to attempt to find a new place to settle. At this time of year many people will find termites in or near your home. This is not necessarily a cause for concern.
Equally, it is possible that you do have a problem and, in fact, it is worse than you had expected. Termites tend not to make themselves felt in a house until the problem has already reached an advanced stage. From the outside wood can look completely normal but tap it gently and you will hear a hollow sound. Termites very rarely breakthrough the outside of the wood and when they do will often attempt to repair the damage. So if you notice termites, there’s a good chance the infestation is already quite advanced.

If you have any worries at all about termites in home, the best course of action is to get yourself a termite inspection so that you are aware of the full extent of the problem.